The Clean up begins

This post was written by Tom Burke on November 15, 2016

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The CBD is back in business today with some streets still cordoned off due to fear of some windows falling out onto the streets. Hopefully these windows can be secured or taped up today. The rusty verandah on Aviation House (Cnr Johnston & Featherston St) seems to have been damaged further and what is fast looking like an eyesore, hopefully will be removed in coming weeks which was the landlord’s wish earlier on. The w.c.c. were objecting to this, despite the verandah not featuring when the building was built in 1928. News reports suggest there are 10 damaged CBD buildings including the new BNZ building and the nearby Statistics House on the waterfront. Most office workers will probably need to spend an hour or 2 tidying up and the damage shown in the photos above is probably typical in a lot of cases.

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