New Defence House to be demolished

This post was written by Tom Burke on March 7, 2017

This week, AMP Capital, the owners of the new Defence House, also known as Freyberg House, in Mulgrave Street, announced  that the 10 year old office building with a purported seismic rating of 120% NBS  is to be demolished. Meanwhile the nearby Thistle Inn over 100 years old and arguably the oldest pub in New Zealand remains open for business as usual. AMP Capital have stated ” the cost of repairs is not economically viable”  

It is becoming more obvious each day, that in addition to a government  enquiry into Centreport’s earthquake stricken office buildings, Statistics House and the BNZ Harbour Quays, the government also needs a complete review of existing commercial building standards which will hopefully pinpoint the weaknesses in the construction of multiple storey office buildings which will inevitably be subject to seismic movement. 2 major areas of concern in most the problem buildings appear to be the lift shaft and the stairs and these areas need to be addressed sooner rather than later before the big one finally hits Wellington as it will one day.  


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