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Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful information regarding the leasing process

As a leasing broker/agent who do you work for?

We work for the Landlord/Building Owner and with the tenant,  in order to broker a mutually beneficial  leasing deal between the 2 parties.

Who pays you?

The Landlord/Building Owner pays the agent for any leasing deal, usually a commission of 2 months rent plus gst. Our services to all tenants are free.

Which listings do you have?

We have close to 100% of the the available places available. There will always be the odd vacant space we may not be aware of. If you let us know of that particular space, we will be able to get access for you within 24 hours.

If another agent has a sole agency, can you show me that too?

Generally yes, subject to us arranging a suitable commission split arrangemt with the sole agent, prior to us showing you the space. This can usually be achieved within 24 hours.

How many listings are on a sole agency?

Usually there are only one or 2 buildings at the most that are on a sole agency at any one time. 99% of all commercial listings in the Wellington Central area are on a general agency basis

Why should I deal with your company?

Being a smaller company specialising in leasing, we are more focused, committed  and specialised rather than trying to offer a full range of services like the bigger companies. We can work with you more closely to achieve your aim of a sucessful leasing. Over 25 years of leasing experience in the Wellington Central area and over 500 deals makes a big difference. You get the full benefit of this expertise. Our listing details and reports are also more in depth than any other company, giving you the full facts so you can make a good leasing decision.

How can I trust you?

Please refer to the reference section which shows how satisfied past tenants have been after using our services.

What about other agency’s signs on buildings – can you show me these?

For Lease signs on buildings by other agencies  only indicate that the agency has agreed with the building owner to put a sign up for the building owner, usually at the agency’s expense. In 99% of cases the tenancy advertised will be a general agency listing and as such we can show you this space.